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What is CallChain?

A pan-entertainment content publishing platform that enables peer-to-peer content interaction between creators and consumers.
A cloud economic platform that enables IP to be fully realized, achieving precise management of IP worth.
A platform for the collection of entertainment IP assets to restore the real entertainment business value circle.
CallChain is a decentralized pan-entertainment platform based on blockchain technology, providing a value distribution hub for the global pan-entertainment community.
On this platform, The audience, fans, Entertainment Daren, etc., can deeply participate in all aspects of entertainment.
Really realize the Call for idol, Call for yourself!

Personal IP one-click on the chain

In the era of pan-entertainment, everyone can become a star, realize their dreams, and become the IP of everyone's attention. The CallToken app allows the personal IP to be linked to the chain and issue a personal pass.


CallChain's “Pan Entertainment, Blockchain” variety channel is dedicated to creating an influential and competitive guest interview entertainment show.

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