CallChain FAQ

Updated on: 2018.06.01
Q What is CallChain?
A The CallChain Foundation is located in Singapore and is dedicated to building a decentralized pan-entertainment industry chain based on blockchain technology, providing a value-for-money hub for the global pan-entertainment community: a pan-entertainment content publishing platform that enables peer-to-peer content interaction between creators and consumers; a cloud economic platform that enables IP to be fully realized; achieve precise management of IP value; and a platform for the collection of entertainment assets to restore the real entertainment business value circle.
Q What is the advantage of CallChain?
A The founder of CallChain is one of the earliest experts in China's blockchain technology and has extensive experience in the blockchain industry.Most of the partners and founding team members are veterans who have been entrepreneurial for many years.In the fields of capital, management, and pan-entertainment, they are deeply involved.CallChain is the public chain of the global pan-entertainment industry. Its unique “one-click coin” + “coin transaction” function provides a basic support platform for everyone who has dreams and talents. Everyone can personally influence Securitization of digital assets, you can issue your own chain assets, use the blockchain way to Call for idol, and Call for yourself! Become a dazzling star!
Q Does CallChain have social media such as telegraph groups?
A WeChat public number: CallChain Official QQ group: 667484862 Chinese official telegraph group: Weibo: Facebook:
Q The business value of CallChain?
A Helping potential and fame IP, creating a new arena, through the influence of IP, can achieve digital asset securitization.
Q Does CallChain have a wallet?
A Yes, users can download and install through the CallToken wallet address
Q What is CallToken?
A CallToken is the issuing certificate of the CallChain main network. The CallToken function is one of the basic mechanisms for CallChain to run. The Call Token function enables the distribution of digital assets and builds a rich entertainment IP CallToken system. CallToken features include IP CallToken distribution, CallToken payment, CallToken redemption, etc., to implement the original Token function based on blockchain simple transactions, without contract. Contracts can build more complex combined Token functions based on the original Token functionality.
Q How does an individual's IP Token appreciate?
A After the user issues a personal IP Token on CallChain, Token will gradually flow according to market influence. IP assets will have market pricing, and fans will buy and sell through market standards such as liquidity and influence.In addition, IP Token is free to create a variety of consumer scenarios, such as the redemption of IP designated services, peripheral derivatives, IP Token value appreciation, etc., giving fans more interactive participation and benefits.
Q What is a one-click coin?
A One-click coin is a function developed by CallChain in the CallToken wallet to solve the problem of blockchain technology, such as difficulty in issuing coins and setting limits. Compared with the function of the other blockchain technology, CallToken's one-click coin function is simple, easy to operate, has no threshold, fast speed, and free currency. It can also be used for one-minute operation for novice users.
Q What is the difference between CallToken coin transactions?
A The coin transaction is mainly for the transaction between the virtual coin and the virtual coin, and one of the coins is used as the pricing unit to purchase other coins. The coin trading rules also complete the matching transaction according to price, time and priority. The CallToken coin transaction is also based on the CALL coin transaction, the user can issue his own IP Token, and the IP Token can trade with the CallToken, and the CallToken can be bought and sold on the online exchange. Opened the IP Token and the exchange's access, eliminating the costly thresholds. Let IPs that issue digital assets be more focused on what they are good at.
Q In the future, what are the application scenarios of CallChain?
A CallChain uses blockchain technology as the underlying architecture to provide a variety of business applications. For example: 1) In the field of film and television, funds can be raised for project parties to provide dividend services for investors; 2) Providing customers with contractual and paid trusted data services; 3) Provide users with IP authentication and transaction services; 4) Sales of limited-edition products and services. With the development of CallChain, in the future, we believe that there will be more potential and valuable scene applications.
Q What is the biggest challenge that Call will encounter in the future?
A Let more users accept the blockchain and understand the value of DApps. This is not only the biggest challenge for CallChain for the entire blockchain ecosystem. CallChain is a community-driven open source industry public chain, serving and developing the CallChain community, will be the biggest guarantee for CallChain in the future. CallChain is community-driven, actively focusing on the community, listening to the community, and building a better CallChain ecosystem with our community.

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